Circular on Holding “2020 Global Logistics Technology Conference”


All organizations concerned:

China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) has decided to hold “2020 Global Logistics Technology Conference” in Haikou on March 2-4, 2020.

Sponsored by CFLP, the “Global Logistics Technology Conference” has been held successfully for four times. With the support and participation of the top logistics technology development and application enterprises, research institutions, experts, and scholars from home and abroad, it has played a positive role in promoting the comprehensive improvement, development, and application of logistics technologies, and it has also become a panoramic platform for the forefront logistics technology development and application results in the world.

The rapid progress of logistics technologies not only promotes the development of the logistics industry, but also becomes a significant supporting force for the development of the national economy. It also  plays an increasingly crucial role in economic globalization and jointly-building the “The Belt and Road Initiative”. The conference this year is aimed to continue the theme “Technology Foresees the Future” and promote the transformation of China’s logistics technology from “binging in” to “going global”, and therefore, we have invited global logistics enterprises to experience the development and application of the most advanced intelligent transportation and storage technologies, packaging and pallet technologies, network and process design, supply chain finance and investment, 5G, AI technology, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, new-energy vehicles, driverless technologies, and other technologies in the logistics fields. We believe that talents of logistics industries all around the globe will gather together to share the latest achievements in R & D and innovative application of logistics technologies, which will bring about a grand international gathering of new logistics technology, new scenes and new applications. The specific circular is as follows:

I. Conference Organization

Sponsor: China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP)

Organizer(s): CFLP Specialized Committee for Logistics Equipment

            CFLP International Cooperation Department

II. Date and Venue

Check in time: March 2, 2020

Conference date: March 3-4, 2020

Conference venue: Haikou, China

III. Main Contents of the Conference

(One) Main forum and sub-forums

Main forum:

Shows of Logistics Black Technologies Logistics Black Technologies in respective scenes will be exhibited by global famous enterprises in upstream and downstream of the global logistics supply chain and related industries, so as to showcase the latest leading-edge logistics scientific and technical achievements. 


1. Special Session on Intelligent Transportation Technologies: Focusing on deep discussions and exchanges on issues of much social concern, such as 5G, edge computing, Internet of Vehicles, new energies, transportation modes and solutions. 

2. Special Session on Driverless Technologies: It’s very popular when first held in 2019. In 2020, it will be focused on the development and application of the latest technologies in this field, bringing about new experiences. At the same time, the Driverless Working Group Meeting (directional invitation) will be held.

3. Special Session on Operational Research Technologies: Set up for the first time, this special session aims to discuss the new development and practical applications of Operational Research Theory and technologies in the field of logistics, including mathematical model, electronic map, distance matrix, optimization algorithm, in-transit whole (distribution path) optimization and navigation.

4. Special Session on Intelligent Storage Technologies: Latest application of warehousing, sorting, and stacking intelligent technologies will be presented. 

5. Special Session on Logistics Packaging Technologies: This session is focused on deep exchanges of logistics packaging technology demands and innovative application processes. It also promotes the cost reduction and efficiency increase of logistics supply chain, as well as propels the healthy development of logistics packaging standardization, intelligence, green, coordination, and sharing.

6. Special Session on Characteristic Logistics Technologies: Focusing on the characteristic fields of automobile, cold chain, medicine, hazardous chemicals, emergency response, supply chain finance, logistics information platform, etc., the demands and innovative application processes of professional logistics technologies will be exchanged in depth.

7. Forum on Block Chain Technology Innovation Development Focusing on the application and innovative development of block chain technologies; opening up the innovation chain, application chain, and value chain; promoting the coordination of supply chain, industrial chain, and block chain; improving the new value of logistics, and boosting the social and economic development.

8. Forum on New Ecology of Intelligent Supply Chain: The innovative development and application practice of the latest logistics modes will be jointly discussed by logistics platform enterprises, the upstream and downstream of the supply chain and the horizontally affiliated enterprises, so as to promote the integrated development of the logistics ecosphere.

9. Forum on Logistics Technologies and Talent Development: Focusing on the new demands of logistics technology talents in the era of artificial intelligence, the transformation of enterprise organization and process restruction, the matching of logistics enterprise position and talent demand, as well as the training of logistics technology application talents and the cooperation between schools and enterprises, etc., so as to create a huge gathering of teachers and students of colleges and universities, and a circle of friends for the cooperation between logistics schools and enterprises, in order to provide continuous and powerful talent supports for the development of logistics intelligence. 

(Two) Special Exhibition Area for Logistics Technology and Equipment

The conference will set up a logistics technology and equipment exhibition area, a small and micro technology promotion area, and a logistics technology patent trading area, so as to present the perfect combination of leading edge technologies and practical technologies in various forms, such as multimedia, special equipment exhibition, and virtual simulation.

(Three) Special Exhibition Area for Annual Innovation

During the conference, the solemn ceremony will be held for 2019 “Logistics Technology Innovation Award”, “Logistics Technology Originality Award” and “National Competition on Logistics Robot Application” Award, and Special Exhibition Area will be set up.

(Four) Special Exhibition Area for Chinese-foreign Cooperation and Exchange

The organizing committee will invite enterprises and institutions from the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative” to share the latest application of global logistics technologies with domestic enterprises and investment institutions, and promote domestic and foreign technology exchange and investment cooperation in high-end projects.

IV. Participants

Principals and relevant personnel from large domestic and foreign logistics enterprises, manufacturing and trade circulation enterprises, logistics equipment and technology enterprises, relevant government departments, industry associations (societies), supply chain management, financial, investment institutions, scientific research institutes, consulting institutions, colleges and universities, etc.

V. Conference expenses

Conference expenses for member enterprise: 2600 Yuan/person

Conference expenses for non-member enterprise: 3200 Yuan/person

VI. Contact information

VIP contact: Wang Hui (deputy secretary-general) 13701237518

Contact: Zhu Ying 18518669259  Wang Kun 18518669261

Wang Huiling 18601337370      Yan Shujun 18518669278